PonyUp for Good key milestone reached!

In October 2016, SecondBite announced a unique partnership with Social Enterprise, PonyUp for Good, with whom we share values centred around waste reduction and a better use of resources. This week we are proud to announce this exciting partnership has supported us to deliver a key milestone of 250,000 fresh meals!

PonyUp for Good works with corporate partners including Australia Post, Telstra and Red Energy and finds value in their decommissioned technology, extending its lifespan by cleaning and remarketing it.  PonyUp’s vision is to rescue 1 million kilos of decommissioned technology and use its residual value to deliver 1 million fresh meals to people in need by donating 50% of their profits to us here at SecondBite.

To date, PonyUp for Good have collected 108,783 kilos of technology and found reuse channels for 42% which has enabled them to reach this first major milestone. It is a truly unique and exciting way of driving environmental and community change and to extract value from waste.

We are delighted to be their exclusive charity partner and look forward to partnering with them long into the future.