Coles Community Food with SecondBite is a food rescue initiative. Since 2011, Coles has been partnering with SecondBite to donate fruit, vegetables, meat and bakery items which do not meet their in-store quality standards, but are still safe and nutritious to eat.

This is a national program with a local focus with over 650 supermarkets participating, enabling more than 1,300 local community groups around Australia access to fresh, surplus food that would otherwise go to waste.  Since the program launched in late 2011, Coles stores have provided the equivalent of more than 55 million healthy meals to people in need.

In addition to the social benefits to communities, the food rescued from landfill through the Coles Community Food with SecondBite program has numerous environmental benefits, which include preventing carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere as wasted food decomposes, and ensuring the resources applied in the production of food, like water and energy, are used for a purpose.

National Partners

We are thrilled to work with Coles as our national partner. They have demonstrated leadership in the field, through actively embedding the program in their organisational culture and working with us to improve as we continue to grow. Coles have also embraced our affiliated local community groups, through volunteering their time, resources and assisting with food rescue efforts. Coles works hard to support SecondBite through in-store fundraising initiatives. During 2017, fundraising appeals in Coles supermarkets and Coles Liquor stores (with Liquorland, First Choice and Vintage Cellars) raised over $1.5 million, to help SecondBite provide nutritious food to people in need.