Four new trucks to help SecondBite fight hunger

Last week, SecondBite welcomed four brand new refrigerated trucks to its nationwide fleet, made possible by a $500,000 Nurture Fund grant from Coles. The trucks, each with a capacity of 4.5 tonnes and room for eight pallets, will enable the SecondBite team to collect a far greater amount and variety of bulk donations from Coles Distribution Centres and other food suppliers across the network.

SecondBite CEO Jim Mullan, and Coles CEO Steven Cain, attended the unveiling at Coles Ormeau Village, before the trucks begin their journeys to join the SecondBite fleet in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, and Western Australia. Altogether, they will provide us with an additional 18 tonne capacity per day for rescuing and redistributing food, all the while reducing SecondBite’s food miles, as our drivers will now be able to collect bulk amounts of stock in a single visit, rather than several trips in a smaller van.

Gillian Madden